Infographic: 2014 visual trends

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I came across an interesting (shareable) infographic which introduces the visual trends for 2014. They are quite telling about some of the themes that are being driven by an increasing presence of social media in the work place. For instance, take a look at trend #13 – collaboration.

Based on the conversations I’ve been having and a lot of the literature out there, 2014 will be the year when interdisciplinary collaboration is given a big push. This includes working across traditional departments in large organisations to spur innovation; as well as working across sectors to design new, agile services for a consumer who is embracing new technologies at a much faster pace than before.

Click here to view the original interactive version of the infographic.

Infographic: 2014 visual trends, November 2013

– Abhay Adhikari / @gopaldass

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On January 12, 2014
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