We use storytelling to develop projects that create value for communities, governments and the private sector.

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About Digital Identities

We support groundbreaking cross-sector projects that seek to raise the consciousness of a city. We follow a playful and empathetic approach to innovation to achieve sustainable social impact. This allows us to consistently define radical solutions to complex problems.

Over 7 years we have run projects in 12 countries and many cities – from Portland to Göteburg, Delhi to Kyoto. We have also developed innovation programmes for organisations such as Google, Nesta and The Guardian. We are commissioned by innovation, marketing and communications, CSR and strategic development divisions in mid to large organisations. We’d love to hear from you.

  • Social Strategy Workshops

    The flagship Digital Identities workshops help you redefine the way you communicate and bring your story to your stakeholders online to achieve meaningful impact.

  • 90-day Impact Experiments

    This programme enables high potential employees to conceive and run innovation experiments, and develop tactical digital-first strategies that deliver impact.

  • Future Technologies Lab

    This lab introduces important technologies and facilitates their understanding from a customer’s perspective as well as your business needs.

“…a real game changer. The strategic guidance has helped us generate conclusive, deliverable results.”

Editor – Property vertical, Telegraph Media Group, UK

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  • British Council (Arts)
  • University of York - Developed Digital Identity workshops for careers service

“The Digital Identities framework is very useful. We really broke down the reason and purpose for driving engagement.”

Associate, Investec Asset Management

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Meet The Team

We are a global network with a wide range of skills and experience. Between us, we have worked with leading organisations in different sectors - From Cisco to Channel 4 Television, from Nesta to The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

  • Abhay Adhikari (PhD)


  • Cori Moore

    Cori Moore

    Facilitation and Lego® Serious Play®

  • Wana Udobang

    Culture / Networks

  • Eddy Adams

    Eddy Adams

    Urban Innovation

  • Alastair Somerville

    Alastair Somerville


  • Kriss Blank

    Kriss Blank


  • Shi


Digital Identities powered by Google News Lab

Digital Identities powered by Google News Lab started as a pilot in Sweden in 2016. Since then, we have taken this workshop series to the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and India.

We have engaged with over 150 journalists from 10 countries to design radical experiments to engage audiences online. Participants include representatives from leading organisations such as Financial Times, The Economist, Svenska Dagbladet, Zee Television, Deutsche Welle and many more.

“Digital Identities powered by Google News Lab is unique in valuing journalism and using technology as a process…”

Participant at the Delhi edition of the workshop series

Image by Kathryn Geels

Digital Identities Sweden

The Swedish edition of the Digital Identities programme (SweDIP) is run in partnership with IdeK. This one year programme supports cultural organisations to develop innovative narratives to bring their stories to audiences online.

Since 2015, we have worked with leading cultural organisations in Stockholm and Göteburg to launch national campaigns that focus on themes such as climate change, circularity, gender and STEM. Participants include Nordiska museet, Historiska museet, Musikverket, Västarvet, Tekniska museet, Världskulturmuseet and many more. Between them, these institutions receive over 2.5 million visitors a year.

“We have to learn how to change our ways to work, think and connect with our visitors of today…”

Head of Communications at Stadsmuseet i Stockholm (Participant, 2015 edition of SweDIP)

Image by Nordenfan (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Urban Sustainable Development Lab

We believe that the foundation of any Smart City has to be its citizens and their life-experiences. This is why we have created a robust innovation pathway to help cities across the world address the genuine needs of their communities using cutting-edge technology.

Our award-winning city lab can tackle complex issues by allowing you to take focussed and practical steps. What sets us apart is our approach to define and then co-produce solutions with communities. The city is our lab! We’ve worked with the private and public sector, as well as voluntary and grassroots organisations. We are also supporting a new breed of ethical entrepreneurs to scale their products and services globally. We can work with you in a number of ways. Visit the USDL homepage to find out more.

“[The City Lab] … is an inspiring programme
diving into the details of social engagement.”

City of Antwerp, Belgium

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