Social media, learning and a responsive future focus

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The last few months have been a period of intense collaboration with some great partners. With each collaboration the scope and scale of Digital Identity grows. One of the results is a workshop offering in partnership with Post*Shift. The session is titled Create an Employee-driven Digital Identity and takes place in London on January 21, 2015. The session explores the theme of how employees can use social media to create a dynamic identity for an organisation whereby it exists as an ecosystem of people, ideas and conversations.

The reading list I share below is based on some of the themes we cover in the workshop. At first the themes might seem disparate but there is a strong link. As the first piece points out, it is high time organisations take a structured and strategic approach to social media in the work place. An ad-hoc or restrictive approach can be highly counterproductive. The second piece shows that social networks can be an excellent resource for knowledge and solutions. As a result, organisations can benefit from enabling their employees to create authentic digital identities. The final piece focuses on a new model of conversation based around stories and narratives that enable senior leadership to explore multiple scenarios and adopt a responsive approach. Once again, social media can play a vital role in developing these sensibilities.

How to let your employees use social media at work without losing their focus

This article makes a clear case for a strategic approach when it comes to social media in the workplace. It references some interesting stats from the Pew Research Centre and Gallup to highlight the extent of social media usage and the impact it can have. It also makes a valid observation that whilst a social media policy is useful, it should be an enabler rather than a set of restrictive guidelines. It isn’t just a marketing tool but a medium for employees to create an authentic voice to build relationships.

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The Power of Our Collective Professional Networks and Transdisciplinarity Learning

This post is a set of observations from a workshop that involved non-profit organisations from several countries. I have chosen this piece because it highlights the significant knowledge and interactions that is contained in our networks. Social media provides an opportunity to connect with new people who have “knowledge, resources, and ideas… to help with the project goals.”

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Driving Strategic Conversations

Developing new kinds of conversations and inquiry are critical to organisational leadership. Especially at a time when we are increasingly operating around buzzwords and can be distracted by technology. The article makes a case for a new framework for strategic planning. One that isn’t reliant on explicit assumptions about future trends. It highlights Scenario Planning as an alternative. Because scenarios describe a range of possibilities they enable leadership to open their minds to the inherent uncertainties in the future.

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Hope you enjoy this reading list. If you have any questions, please get in touch with me via email – contact [at] digitalidentities [dot] info. Or you can find me on Twitter where my ID is @gopaldass. See you in January! Click here to book a place. The workshop takes place in London on January 21, 2015.

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