Digital Identities is a pathway to develop solutions that create multiple values.

About Digital Identities

Digital Identities helps organizations use social channels to build participatory programmes as well as test and scale ethical behaviours (nudges)

The framework helps you re-define the way you communicate, campaign and innovate as individuals, teams and across the organisation.

Digital Identity is delivered as strategy workshops and consultancy. The framework is used by mid to large organisations to design employee engagement programmes, future of work initiatives as well as customer focused social media campaigns.

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Digital Identity workshops have run in 9 countries.

  • British Council (Arts)
  • University of York - Developed Digital Identity workshops for careers service

From the blog


The reach of the social media campaign for the British Council Edinburgh Showcase developed using the Digital Identity framework.


The number of employees of a local government authority, which ran a Digital Identity pilot to increase interdisciplinary collaboration.


The number of Swedish national profile culture and heritage organisations that participated in the Digital Identity strategy seminars in Stockholm.


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